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Unveiling the Rife effect

Unfortuntately, Royal Raymond Rife is often associated to pseudo-science, because a number of dubious sellers have sold for decades some so called "Rife Machines" that are just quack devices. We could grant a $1,000 prize if there is somebody who knows how a real Rife machine or microscope works and can demonstrate it to us, giving clear clinical evidence.

The main reason that manufacturers fail to build proper devices is that very little documentation was available about Rife's studies. Everybody was coming up with his own idea about how Rife's machines worked and produced proof of concept devices that were never tested and had the same achievements of the placebo effect.
Rife's collaborators and those who inherited his notes and instruments all came from different backgrounds and did not graps the entire system. Therefore, they often modified it to their understanding. The most notorious example is John Crane substituting the electron tube with contact pads. He used to say, "If it works for somebody, that's good enough". So, this only added confusion to confusion and Rife devices were labeled a quack by the scientific community.
As more documents started to emerge and some original Rife machines were analysed, more truths came out. Researchers could now test and use some real replicas and came out with their own ideas about the way the machine worked. They all did a wonderful job. We can mention James Bare with Antony Holland, who test their own version of a Rife machine on pathogens and cancer. Jeff Garff contributed to the manufacturing of a Beam Ray replica and can be considered as the real Rife's heir. However, most of them have an engineering background. None of them have a clue in optics, which was Rife's speciality. Therefore, despite understanding how a Beam Ray works electrically, nobobody has a definite clue how the machines should be really tuned up optically to achieve the expected effects. That is, Rife's reasoning is still untapped. Garff's sidebands theory is, unfortunately, just a "side effect" of the method, not the core. Anyway, all the research conducted to revive Rife powerful machine led to an improvement in the effectiveness of the therapy. Now, it is possible to improve the quality of life of a terminal-ill cancer patient, which means less pains, and his expectance of life. Blood test even show remission of the illness, up to a time that everything starts to go wrong all at once and the patient dies. For some, this is a big improvement, as you can somewhat control the illness, even if you cannot get rid of it. But this is still not Rife's effect, which was destroying the illness in a couple of flashes of his machine. And researchers are still looking for some "magic" frequency that can destroy the pathogen they want. All this is the proof that something is still not understood.

Fortunately, Rife's technology was not lost and was further developed silently from the crowds. A number of equipments exist today that do not bear the name of Rife but achieve the same results he was achieving in the '20s. We are a research lab restoring Rife's image and certifying his true method. As the myth grew in the last decades, people expect results that are simply impossible with a Rife machine. Indeed, it cannot heal everything (forget the CAFL list and alike). It is very specific and has severe limitations. However, correctly applied, it is very powerful and can definitely get rid of a lot of ailments.