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Unfortuntately, Royal Raymond Rife is often associated to pseudo-science, because a number of dubious sellers have sold for decades some so called "Rife Machines" that are just quack devices. We could grant a $1,000 prize if there is somebody who knows how a real Rife machine or microscope works and can demonstrate it to us, giving clear clinical evidence.

Fortunately, Rife's technology was not lost and was further developed silently from the crowds. A number of equipments exist today that do not bear the name of Rife but achieve the same results he was achieving in the '20s. We are a research lab restoring Rife's image and certifying his true method.

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If you are interested in Rife's technology, you do not want to get caught in the trap of a manufacturer selling you an unuseful device, and/or you want to sponsor some authentic Rife research, our website will provide you with useful resources


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Here you can find a selection of documents related to the authentic Rife technology


Online Q & A

General FAQ about Rife technology and our work. Specific sections are dedicated to the Microscope and the Rife Machine

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Rife DMS

Restricted area containing our huge Rife document repository (original materials, patents, clinical studies, blueprints, CAD models, schematics, etc.)



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